The Gift & Struggle of Writing

Hello my fellow wanderers,


I’m aware it’s been a while since I last wrote but I found some kind of inspiration today. You’d think that these times would have helped me sit down and write but I’ve actually been just as busy, if not more than usual, even though we can’t wander very far right now.

The inspiration that came to me today is nothing new but I felt I needed to share it.

You see, even now, I was going to write about an inspiring part of my journey but six thoughts popped in my head destined to destroy my idea within seconds;

  • Who am I and what do I have to say?
  • No one wants to know that
  • I don’t want to bore people
  • No one actually reads until the end
  • They’ll think I’m crazy
  • There are so many things going on in the world and I want to write about that?

And that’s not only this time, it’s most times I get inspiration and want to write hence why there’s been such a huge gap between my blogs.

I believe that to be a writer you have to be courageous and stand up for what you think, no matter the lies that come up in your mind. It’s important to catch those lies and replace them with the truth. We all have a story to tell and that story isn’t always for everyone to hear – maybe it’s simply for the one person that needs to read it.

Remember to write with courage but also with kindness and compassion. The goal in writing should never be to hurt someone or put them down but rather to bring light to the darkest places, to be a voice for the voiceless or to bring clarity where currently lies chaos.

As a writer, you have a gift – use it to inspire and to bring hope and healing.

I’m keeping this blog short and simple as I just wanted to remind you of your true potential when you believe in yourself (whether that is in writing or not). You can make a difference, choose to be the difference in our broken world.


Stay safe & until next time,

Mel Wandering

God and art

Hello my fellow wanderers,


Recently we read a book called Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus and we had to do a creativity project. There weren’t really any guidelines, simply to be creative. I found myself constantly complaining about this project because I kept praying about it and still I had no idea what to do. I used to draw when I was younger but I didn’t anymore so what was I to do. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t one of those awesome creative people. I soon realized that those were pure lies from the enemy so I decided to draw… And then paint, and then I wrote and it turned into this beautiful piece.

The topic of God and art is such a big one. He is the ultimate creator and he created us to create. He made the very planet we live on and it is full of such beauty. Creativity is in our heavenly DNA we just have to believe in the fact that our identity is in the King of kings. One of the biggest things I try to live by is to never give myself limits; the sky is the beginning. I realized that in the area of creativity, I’d been giving myself every limit. I simply told myself I was not creative. Your creative doesn’t need to and should not look like anyone else’s because it is unique to you, it is a reflection of who you are.

God takes so much pleasure in giving us inspiration, helping us with our creativity, and our dreams in every area of our lives. Don’t underestimate your passions; He wants to be part of it. I was amazed by how God partnered with me for this project. Doesn’t mean it’s the best drawing or painting by any means but it’s not about perfection, it’s about creativity, art, and beauty in uniqueness. It made me so excited for all the visions and dreams in my heart and how He loves to work with us because I can’t so it without Him.

Here’s a little preview my dears!


With much love till next time,

Mel Wandering

God’s plan vs Mine

Hello fellow wanderers,


Last year I decided I needed to figure out what I really wanted to accomplish in life and what direction I saw myself going for studies, work or life in general. I went to the dollar store and bought a huge poster and took it home to write all the things I wanted; the vision for my life. I proceeded to hang my big vision board up on the wall of my room and prayed over it; “God, what is my next step in these directions?”

That was a great first step towards pursuing what God put on my heart but the mistake I made was that I invited God into parts instead of having Him in the middle. I started hearing from Him and I moved towards living out parts of my vision board. I believed that I was doing everything perfectly.

Recently God asked me to pick up my entire life in four days and go to Mexico to take a 5 month DTS program with YWAM. I knew He was asking me to move and I did it because it aligned with parts of my vision board. But what if it didn’t align with my plan? Would I still go? Would I still trust Him and His plan?

That called me to question my plan and think about His. What’s my purpose? What’s God’s plan for me? Are they one in the same? I felt that God put these dreams in my heart and I still believe He has. But here’s what I was missing. God wants us to trust Him enough to put it all at His feet no matter what the outcome is. I’ve learnt that He is more dedicated to fulfilling our purpose than we are in finding it. That’s crazy! The God of this entire universe, the one that made you, who knew your name before you even existed; that God is more dedicated to you than you could ever be to Him. What plans do we have that could ever be better than the ones He has for us? God doesn’t want us to give it all to Him because He wants to take it all away, most of the time, He put those Kingdom dreams in your heart but He wants us to let Him guide us through it. To Him be the rightful glory, that our works glorify Him, that they tell a story that magnifies who He is, that we allow Him to use us and not try to do it all on our own. Your dreams that align with His word, with His heart are actually His dreams and I can guarantee that trusting Him through that is going to be scary but amazing. Our God wants to be close to us and be apart of the dreams He put in us.

When we give Him the little bits we have, He can transform it into something you could never have imagined. Let me ask you this; what are you afraid God can’t do in your life?


Love always,

Mel Wandering

Local Outreach

Hello again my fellow wanderers,


During my studies at YWAM in Baja California, Mexico, we have local outreach once a week. What is local outreach? Once a week we get in our campus vans and we drive about 20 minutes away. My team is in charge of visiting people who have received a Homes of Hope house recently. We go in and ask them how their life has changed since receiving a home. Just about every weekend, there’s a new team building a couple houses.

We get to know the family and ask them a series of questions and finish by taking pictures of them and printing them out for their family to keep.

A lot of families in Tijuana don’t necessarily have homes to live in. Some have built makeshift home out of metal, wood and some tarps. Some have too many people in them. Many of them dont even have a bathroom or a toilet nor running water. Receiving a house helps them in a lot of ways. It provides a safe place for the family to rest, play, study, eat and so much more. It gives them hope for a brighter future. It helps them draw nearer to God in seeing just how much He cares for them. It does so much!

About two or three weeks ago, on one of my local outreach days, we met the Mendez-Lopez family. It was a lady, her daughter, her sister and her sister’s daughter. Her husband was still at work. I’d been praying the whole way to their house because I didn’t feel very good and I had no energy.

After 25 minutes of driving into what seemed to be the middle of nowhere in the dusty hills of Tijuana, we arrived at their home. We sat down to get to know them and one of my team members and I were asked to translate between English and Spanish. While they were talking, I felt drawn to spend some time with the lady’s daughter. I usually get along much better with adults but this time was different.

I sat down beside the little girl on their couch while several flies landed on me every other minute. She was colouring so in her language I asked her if I could colour with her. She nodded so I picked up a crayon and began to draw things that we found in her kids bible. I asked her questions but she was very shy and quiet. She was 7 years old and she didn’t speak any English. We stopped colouring and stepped outside into the dirt mountains that surrounded them and she took my hand to show me this little plastic kitchen set she had. She didn’t have any plastic food or silverware, just the little kitchen. I remembered when I was a little girl, I had the whole kitchen set, food, silverware, plates, cashier station and more. This little girl was so content making me fake dirt pasta with a huge smile on her face. 

I have so much more and I was still struggling to be content with where I was at that day. I gave her such a big hug and she folded up the drawing and made an envelope out of another paper and stuck in it. She drew a heart on top and went to pick a flower from around her house and gave them to me. She had so little and she went out of her way to bless my life that day and she reminded me just how much more could I bless other people around me if I leaned in and had faith like this child that everything would be okay and I could enjoy the present moment without letting anything get in the way. 


Till next time,

Mel Wandering

Impactful teachings

Hello fellow wanderers,

Here at YWAM, we have a new speaker every week. Every week I think the next speaker can’t beat this one… every time I am so wrong. Every speaker has been amazing in their own way. I feel so blessed to be able to take all of that in.

This week’s speaker is Dan Bauman. He has been with YWAM for many years as for most of his family.

His teachings this week have revolves around the incredible things that have happened in his life and how he is even more in awe of God through that.

It’s so refreshing to hear a faithful servant of God say that hearing Him speak is not 100%. Most of the time, you’ll only be between 51-99% sure that it’s God. That is so relevant to a lot of us because we don’t always know for sure. Following God is full of trusting his character because most times we don’t fully know what we’re supposed to do but we know if we take a leap with Him, He’ll always catch us.

Dan was imprisoned for 9 weeks in Iran with 2 death sentences on him; for being a Christian and because they thought he was an American spy. He got beaten over and over again and didn’t know if he’d ever get out. But we serve a God a billion times more powerful than any of our circumstances. God told him you’ll get out in 9 weeks and he got out 9 weeks to the hour. THAT is who God is.

That is just one of his life stories… it is incredible to see what God has done in his life. God is a personal god, he wants to be in relationship with his creation. You are special to him, he wants to walk with you in all the things you love to do.

There is nothing we could EVER do for God to love us any more than He already does. God is more committed to fulfilling your purpose, your future than you could ever be. He is more committed to you than you could ever be to Him. The God that created YOU wants to be your best friend, He wants to give us His dreams and let us live them with Him. Isn’t that incredible? He is not a God that wants us to impress him by our actions, He simply wants to be in relationship with Him.

He meets us at our lowest, He doesn’t only want us when we are at our best. Don’t spend your life over analyzing what you think He did or didn’t say because you will miss the mark. We are so focused on not wanting to fail but the Christian life is more about trusting Him than getting it right. We are human, it’s inevitable that we will make mistakes but our God redeems us and is always by our side.

How could we not trust a God like that? He has never let anyone down. That is who He is; a faithful loving father who wants relationship with His people. So I choose to trust Him with my life even when I can’t see what He’s doing. He wants us to trust Him no matter what we’re feeling and that is what I’m going to do.

GOD IS GOOD. I hope you feel His love in a special way this week ♥️

Till next time wanderers,

Mel Wandering

Sand dollars by the ocean

I went to the beach with some friends today and was so captivated with the waves and the beautiful mountain in the distance. Rubbing my feet in the sand and splashing around in the water. Just utter peace and joy to be there in that moment.

As I was walking down the beach with a friend, we found a sand dollar and began actively looking for them. We were blessed to keep finding them one after the other and as we went along; I realized that we never kept the ones that we’re broken. They simply did not measure up to our standard of beauty. They weren’t worth keeping because they were imperfect.

I thought “Wow. Can you imagine if God was like us and only treasured those who were without fault? What if He simply branded us too broken to take home with Him?”

We are all broken and filled with faults but God redeems those faults and He embraces the broken. In fact, God does his best work from a broken place. Thank God for his amazing grace and unfailing love.

1 Samuel 16:7

“For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

New beginnings ~ YWAM

Hello fellow wanderers,

It’s me again! I’ve started an amazing new adventure with YWAM and here’s a little glimpse of how it all started…

Coming to YWAM was a bit of a crazy story for me. For months, I’d felt stuck in a life that was going nowhere in terms of my vision, dreams and goals for my life. I was discouraged and constantly sick. Stuck working endless hours between three jobs and barely making enough to keep my head above water. Settling in something I didn’t enjoy because I felt it was the only way to support myself.

My soul wasn’t getting what it desired nor was I even happy with the life I was living. There had to be more so I kept praying that God would show me the next step towards the vision He put in my heart.

“God you put all these amazing dreams in my heart, this vision of my life. Please show me how to align my life with what you’ve put in my heart.”

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what would come next.

September 19th, I found a program in photography and writing in Christian standpoint. It was perfect for me. However, it started the day I found it and it was all the way in Mexico. It was more than I could afford and it was 5 months of being away. This couldn’t be a possibility. Except I’d forgotten who I had asked to help me, who I have by my side… With Him; everything is possible, my wildest dreams are POSSIBLE with God!

From that point on, every door swung right open. God moved every potential opposition out of the way. That’s when I started panicking. I had resolved everything that could be a problem in this transition and there was nothing left to do but pack and get moving. I spent a whole day dancing in excitement and then crying in a ball on my bed; I was terrified. It had just become so real. This is what I’d asked for but I didn’t expect to pack my entire life in 4 days and get on a plane. I’d only recently come back to my faith in God and knew that beyond my fear, He would carry me to incredible places to carry out his dream for my life. I couldn’t let my fear paralyze me.

I am so excited to continue on this journey. I believe this time will transform my life and point me to my next steps in the big vision. During this program, I will be studying for the first 3 months and then I will go into outreach for 2 months to use what I’ve learnt to bless other lives around the globe. How exciting!

This week is about hearing God’s voice. It’s been incredible to realize how many times and ways He’s spoken to me and I just didn’t realize. We also start our local outreach this week which I’m sure will be an amazing opportunity to reach people in our community here in Tijuana.

This is just a little introduction so for those who would like to follow me on my journey, I will continue to blog as much as possible as well as post some pictures of my adventures.


Until next time,

Mel Wandering

MECUM Car Show


Hello fellow wanderers,

Any car enthusiasts here? Well this post should trigger your excitement!

I am so stoked to be able to share this with you guys. What a wild day I had at the MECUM car show and auction alongside my grandpa.

I am sorry to inform you but if you don’t know what MECUM is then you are not a true car enthusiast as it is the biggest car show and auction held in the world and also airs on TV. This particular event was 10 days long and held over 3500 cars across 9 miles; classics and brand new, every make and model you could imagine, some of the most expensive and rarest cars from around the world.

I took about 500 pictures and while I wish I could share them all, I have chosen  a few of my favorites.  I put them in the video link below in order to display as many as possible.

I would love to hear from all of you so drop a comment or send me a message. Enjoy!!

With much love to you,

Mel Wandering

Happy New Year✨

Dear Wanderers,

This year has definitely been full of ups and downs and all around! I’m sure you all have your own stories of a year filled with all kinds of events, emotions and so on.

Here’s my conclusion for this year.

I just want to thank everyone who was apart of my year, whether I had pictures of you to add into this short video or not, thank you for making my 2018 what it was.

I hope you enjoy some of the highlights of my year and I would love to see yours.

Much love to you my fellow wanderers and to all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with love, happiness, success and always more adventure 🙂

Mel Wandering


My dear wanderers,

Today I chose to share a part of a letter I wrote to my mom who passed away when I was younger. At times, it helps to talk to her as if she was still here with me.

“These past few months haven’t been the easiest. I don’t always know what to say or what to do about any of it.

This world we live in is so full of beauty and yet so broken. So many people struggling to survive from heartbreaks, loss, sickness whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We question ourselves and life in general, believing in lies that are sometimes easier to accept than the truth. We are more comfortable in our shit than we are attempting to get better, do better and be better. So caught up in finding the right person; all while we fail at becoming the right person.

There is an ease in pain, we get used to it, we invite it to stay… why is that? Why is it easier to feel numb than to process things, accept them, heal and move on? Why are we so scared to let the right people in and let the wrong people go? Or to admit that we aren’t happy, that we have a problem, to admit that in our current situation; we are weak. Why is it that some of us feel we should go through things alone while some of us try to fill the holes life left with all the things that will do nothing but make the hole deeper. That even in our darkest moments, we are so focused on the pain and the failure to grab onto the life vest someone is attempting to throw our way.

Momma, there are so many things in this world I fail to understand. The only thing I can do is pray for my family, friends and the rest of the world.”

I pray for everyone who is hurting whether silently and alone or just the opposite. I pray for all of you not to feel alone or misunderstood. I pray for you to have support in hard times, to feel happy and loved. For you to find courage and strength to power through and conquer what ever it may be that is hurting you, holding you back and may you be blessed with a fresh set of eyes on your struggle. I pray that the empty feeling you experience be replaced with such contentment, your heart overflows of joy. I pray that those of you that feel stuck in your situation and see no way out be granted with the power to walk above the clouds in your life, beyond your pain and see the illuminated path to your exit.

I would love to hear from all of you and be able to say a special prayer for you.

Until next time my fellow wanderers,

Mel Wandering