New beginnings ~ YWAM

Hello fellow wanderers,

It’s me again! I’ve started an amazing new adventure with YWAM and here’s a little glimpse of how it all started…

Coming to YWAM was a bit of a crazy story for me. For months, I’d felt stuck in a life that was going nowhere in terms of my vision, dreams and goals for my life. I was discouraged and constantly sick. Stuck working endless hours between three jobs and barely making enough to keep my head above water. Settling in something I didn’t enjoy because I felt it was the only way to support myself.

My soul wasn’t getting what it desired nor was I even happy with the life I was living. There had to be more so I kept praying that God would show me the next step towards the vision He put in my heart.

“God you put all these amazing dreams in my heart, this vision of my life. Please show me how to align my life with what you’ve put in my heart.”

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what would come next.

September 19th, I found a program in photography and writing in Christian standpoint. It was perfect for me. However, it started the day I found it and it was all the way in Mexico. It was more than I could afford and it was 5 months of being away. This couldn’t be a possibility. Except I’d forgotten who I had asked to help me, who I have by my side… With Him; everything is possible, my wildest dreams are POSSIBLE with God!

From that point on, every door swung right open. God moved every potential opposition out of the way. That’s when I started panicking. I had resolved everything that could be a problem in this transition and there was nothing left to do but pack and get moving. I spent a whole day dancing in excitement and then crying in a ball on my bed; I was terrified. It had just become so real. This is what I’d asked for but I didn’t expect to pack my entire life in 4 days and get on a plane. I’d only recently come back to my faith in God and knew that beyond my fear, He would carry me to incredible places to carry out his dream for my life. I couldn’t let my fear paralyze me.

I am so excited to continue on this journey. I believe this time will transform my life and point me to my next steps in the big vision. During this program, I will be studying for the first 3 months and then I will go into outreach for 2 months to use what I’ve learnt to bless other lives around the globe. How exciting!

This week is about hearing God’s voice. It’s been incredible to realize how many times and ways He’s spoken to me and I just didn’t realize. We also start our local outreach this week which I’m sure will be an amazing opportunity to reach people in our community here in Tijuana.

This is just a little introduction so for those who would like to follow me on my journey, I will continue to blog as much as possible as well as post some pictures of my adventures.


Until next time,

Mel Wandering