Impactful teachings

Hello fellow wanderers,

Here at YWAM, we have a new speaker every week. Every week I think the next speaker can’t beat this one… every time I am so wrong. Every speaker has been amazing in their own way. I feel so blessed to be able to take all of that in.

This week’s speaker is Dan Bauman. He has been with YWAM for many years as for most of his family.

His teachings this week have revolves around the incredible things that have happened in his life and how he is even more in awe of God through that.

It’s so refreshing to hear a faithful servant of God say that hearing Him speak is not 100%. Most of the time, you’ll only be between 51-99% sure that it’s God. That is so relevant to a lot of us because we don’t always know for sure. Following God is full of trusting his character because most times we don’t fully know what we’re supposed to do but we know if we take a leap with Him, He’ll always catch us.

Dan was imprisoned for 9 weeks in Iran with 2 death sentences on him; for being a Christian and because they thought he was an American spy. He got beaten over and over again and didn’t know if he’d ever get out. But we serve a God a billion times more powerful than any of our circumstances. God told him you’ll get out in 9 weeks and he got out 9 weeks to the hour. THAT is who God is.

That is just one of his life stories… it is incredible to see what God has done in his life. God is a personal god, he wants to be in relationship with his creation. You are special to him, he wants to walk with you in all the things you love to do.

There is nothing we could EVER do for God to love us any more than He already does. God is more committed to fulfilling your purpose, your future than you could ever be. He is more committed to you than you could ever be to Him. The God that created YOU wants to be your best friend, He wants to give us His dreams and let us live them with Him. Isn’t that incredible? He is not a God that wants us to impress him by our actions, He simply wants to be in relationship with Him.

He meets us at our lowest, He doesn’t only want us when we are at our best. Don’t spend your life over analyzing what you think He did or didn’t say because you will miss the mark. We are so focused on not wanting to fail but the Christian life is more about trusting Him than getting it right. We are human, it’s inevitable that we will make mistakes but our God redeems us and is always by our side.

How could we not trust a God like that? He has never let anyone down. That is who He is; a faithful loving father who wants relationship with His people. So I choose to trust Him with my life even when I can’t see what He’s doing. He wants us to trust Him no matter what we’re feeling and that is what I’m going to do.

GOD IS GOOD. I hope you feel His love in a special way this week ♥️

Till next time wanderers,

Mel Wandering

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