God’s plan vs Mine

Hello fellow wanderers,


Last year I decided I needed to figure out what I really wanted to accomplish in life and what direction I saw myself going for studies, work or life in general. I went to the dollar store and bought a huge poster and took it home to write all the things I wanted; the vision for my life. I proceeded to hang my big vision board up on the wall of my room and prayed over it; “God, what is my next step in these directions?”

That was a great first step towards pursuing what God put on my heart but the mistake I made was that I invited God into parts instead of having Him in the middle. I started hearing from Him and I moved towards living out parts of my vision board. I believed that I was doing everything perfectly.

Recently God asked me to pick up my entire life in four days and go to Mexico to take a 5 month DTS program with YWAM. I knew He was asking me to move and I did it because it aligned with parts of my vision board. But what if it didn’t align with my plan? Would I still go? Would I still trust Him and His plan?

That called me to question my plan and think about His. What’s my purpose? What’s God’s plan for me? Are they one in the same? I felt that God put these dreams in my heart and I still believe He has. But here’s what I was missing. God wants us to trust Him enough to put it all at His feet no matter what the outcome is. I’ve learnt that He is more dedicated to fulfilling our purpose than we are in finding it. That’s crazy! The God of this entire universe, the one that made you, who knew your name before you even existed; that God is more dedicated to you than you could ever be to Him. What plans do we have that could ever be better than the ones He has for us? God doesn’t want us to give it all to Him because He wants to take it all away, most of the time, He put those Kingdom dreams in your heart but He wants us to let Him guide us through it. To Him be the rightful glory, that our works glorify Him, that they tell a story that magnifies who He is, that we allow Him to use us and not try to do it all on our own. Your dreams that align with His word, with His heart are actually His dreams and I can guarantee that trusting Him through that is going to be scary but amazing. Our God wants to be close to us and be apart of the dreams He put in us.

When we give Him the little bits we have, He can transform it into something you could never have imagined. Let me ask you this; what are you afraid God can’t do in your life?


Love always,

Mel Wandering

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