God and art

Hello my fellow wanderers,


Recently we read a book called Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus and we had to do a creativity project. There weren’t really any guidelines, simply to be creative. I found myself constantly complaining about this project because I kept praying about it and still I had no idea what to do. I used to draw when I was younger but I didn’t anymore so what was I to do. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t one of those awesome creative people. I soon realized that those were pure lies from the enemy so I decided to draw… And then paint, and then I wrote and it turned into this beautiful piece.

The topic of God and art is such a big one. He is the ultimate creator and he created us to create. He made the very planet we live on and it is full of such beauty. Creativity is in our heavenly DNA we just have to believe in the fact that our identity is in the King of kings. One of the biggest things I try to live by is to never give myself limits; the sky is the beginning. I realized that in the area of creativity, I’d been giving myself every limit. I simply told myself I was not creative. Your creative doesn’t need to and should not look like anyone else’s because it is unique to you, it is a reflection of who you are.

God takes so much pleasure in giving us inspiration, helping us with our creativity, and our dreams in every area of our lives. Don’t underestimate your passions; He wants to be part of it. I was amazed by how God partnered with me for this project. Doesn’t mean it’s the best drawing or painting by any means but it’s not about perfection, it’s about creativity, art, and beauty in uniqueness. It made me so excited for all the visions and dreams in my heart and how He loves to work with us because I can’t so it without Him.

Here’s a little preview my dears!


With much love till next time,

Mel Wandering

1 thought on “God and art”

  1. A wonderful reflection of how our father sees you and us. I love this creativity in you. Beautiful painting and words. Keep up the great work with this outreach . God directs and provides and loves.
    Love to you bunches

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