The Gift & Struggle of Writing

Hello my fellow wanderers,


I’m aware it’s been a while since I last wrote but I found some kind of inspiration today. You’d think that these times would have helped me sit down and write but I’ve actually been just as busy, if not more than usual, even though we can’t wander very far right now.

The inspiration that came to me today is nothing new but I felt I needed to share it.

You see, even now, I was going to write about an inspiring part of my journey but six thoughts popped in my head destined to destroy my idea within seconds;

  • Who am I and what do I have to say?
  • No one wants to know that
  • I don’t want to bore people
  • No one actually reads until the end
  • They’ll think I’m crazy
  • There are so many things going on in the world and I want to write about that?

And that’s not only this time, it’s most times I get inspiration and want to write hence why there’s been such a huge gap between my blogs.

I believe that to be a writer you have to be courageous and stand up for what you think, no matter the lies that come up in your mind. It’s important to catch those lies and replace them with the truth. We all have a story to tell and that story isn’t always for everyone to hear – maybe it’s simply for the one person that needs to read it.

Remember to write with courage but also with kindness and compassion. The goal in writing should never be to hurt someone or put them down but rather to bring light to the darkest places, to be a voice for the voiceless or to bring clarity where currently lies chaos.

As a writer, you have a gift – use it to inspire and to bring hope and healing.

I’m keeping this blog short and simple as I just wanted to remind you of your true potential when you believe in yourself (whether that is in writing or not). You can make a difference, choose to be the difference in our broken world.


Stay safe & until next time,

Mel Wandering

1 thought on “The Gift & Struggle of Writing”

  1. This was so encouraging, Melyssa! I loved reading your words again. You’re right in that it takes courage to write and believe God can use those words to encounter at least one personal, and that writing is a gift to lift the darkness and bring light to others. You are a courageous woman and I know God will use your words to make an impact.

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